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Unleashing Freedom in Travel
Welcome to Minus 4 Adventures, the home of unstoppable exploration! Here, we’re passionate about shattering limits, transcending boundaries, and injecting the spirit of adventure into every heart. Our mission is to broaden the horizons of travel for People with Disabilities (PwD), ensuring that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can savour the joy of journeying through life’s beautiful landscapes.
Uncover Boundless Adventures with Monica McGhie
Led by the indomitable Monica McGhie, born without limbs yet brimming with an unstoppable zest for life, Minus 4 Adventures is more than just a travel experience. It’s a movement – one that champions accessibility, inclusivity, and the right to embrace life’s rich tapestry of adventures. Our specially modified motorhome, soon available for hire, serves as a beacon of freedom, opening up the great outdoors to those who yearn to explore it.
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Discover the Joys of Accessible Glamping

At Minus 4 Adventures, we believe that limitations are only in the mind, and the world out there is meant for everyone to enjoy.

Our journey spans from the picturesque coastlines of Australia to the country’s enchanting outback, reflecting our commitment to making travel accessible and enjoyable for all. Every story, every adventure, every shared laughter and joy represents a step towards a more inclusive world. So, come, join us as we redefine the contours of the possible and chart new paths on the map of exploration!

Our primary goal is to expand your horizons, enrich your spirit, and illuminate the path to your next adventure! And soon, Minus 4 Adventures will be available for hire, mainly to PwD, ensuring every adventure-seeker gets to experience the joy of camping and exploring new places.

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Embrace Unseen Adventures with Monica McGhie

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The Minus4 Accessible Motorhome

Available for Hire Soon
  • Wheelchair LIft

    Equipped with an automated wheelchair lift for easy ingress and egress, accommodating motorised and other wheelchairs with utmost safety and comfort.

  • Ramped Floor

    The internal flooring has been ramped to allow easy wheelchair access to the whole van.

  • Accessible Bathroom

    Fully equipped with a roll-in shower, grab bars, and a wheelchair-accessible sink to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

  • Chair Restraints

    High-tec front and back wheelchair restraints have been installed to keep the chair stable and safe.

  • External TV

    An external TV has been installed for to give flexiblility on where and when to relax and watch a show.

  • Accessible bed

    A folding accessible bed has been installed with an extendible side for easier access for dining area and to front seat.

  • Front Seat Removed

    Removing the passenger seat allows the wheelchair user to sit comfortably next to the driver and enjoy the scenary of our beautiful country.

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